Alison’s “Summit Kilimanjaro” Adventure

Apparently I am completely crazy! For those of you who know me you’ve probably worked this out a long time ago – especially if you heard about me summiting the 2nd highest mountain in Africa in June and swimming in Grizedale Tarn in December when it was only 2 degrees, just for the love of it! Well I’ve finally decided that if I’m going to do something crazy then the least I should do is to raise some money at the same time and who else better to raise it for than Growing Well.

It would be absolutely wonderful if you (or anyone you know) were able to sponsor me, but as part of the reason for doing it is also to raise awareness of Mental Health Issues then I hope you enjoy hearing all about the journey on here.

To sponsor me then please follow the link below. This also gives you a wee potted history of why I work at Growing Well and why I think they’re so awesome.

If you’d like to contact me about my Adventure then I’ve set up an email address, it would be lovely to hear from you….

(and that’s a picture of me on Potter Fell on one of my training walks)