My 15 minutes of fame!

Well, it may not be 15 minutes all in one go, but I’m hoping that I’ll use some of it over this weekend.

Earlier today I was feeling very nervous as I sat in a service station waiting for a phone call from Radio Cumbria. Thankfully it was pre-recorded so I’m hoping that they’ll make me sound fantastic – we all know that Growing Well is already fantastic don’t we?!

I’ll have the radio on during Saturday and Sunday mornings, while I’m packing & travelling, to hear the on the hour bulletins – I think I’m looking forward to hearing me, let me know what you think…

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I’ll be talking & walking up Kilimanjaro!

Part of my reason for summiting Kili is to raise money for Growing Well, but it’s not the only reason. Being as my training is still going abysmally, thanks to the thickest & strongest tendon in my body (top trivia fact there), then I’ll tell you the other reason…

…Raising awareness…. of the fact that 1 in 4 people will be affected directly by mental health problems. The 2nd of February was “Time to Talk” day and as part of the initiative the organisation Time to Change created some little flyers (that’s what the picture is!) to help people talk about, what for a lot of us, is a no-go area.

I have some of these little cards and I’ll be taking them out with me to act as a conversation starter as I get higher – I’m sure there will be lots of folks facing short term mountain induced mental battles as well as physical ones on the way up! Or they’ll have a friend/family member back home who would benefit from “Time to Talk” with someone.

And for those of you who are concerned that I might do too much talking – I’m taking lots of herb drops to lubricate my throat!

Only 18 days until Summit Day!

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Alison’s Kili Training – but not what you’d imagine…

You’re absolutely right, that is not a mountain but a lake! And I’m not looking my best because it was 5.7 degrees and I’d just stopped doing head down front crawl (can’t get the photographers these days). I’m doing anything that’s vaguely like going to the top of Kili – in this instance getting very cold, to try and do some training that might be useful while I’m there as my achilles tendon still isn’t very happy.

While trying to make the best of it I’m also going as fast as I can on my turbotrainer to simulate lack of oxygen. I’m not brave enough to do it outside; I don’t want to fall off and injure myself any further before I go! Here’s another photo of my foot…

On my turbotrainer

There’s one more really important thing I’ve been training though and that’s my head. Part of my mental health recovery was (and still is) all about believing in myself, and how I react when things don’t go quite how I planned. Climbing Kilimanjaro might be a bit more painful with a dodgy leg, but whatever happens I know I’m going to get as far as I am able and then have another story to remind me that This Girl Can!

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Kili Training – all ups and downs!

Training for Kili has turned into something of a roller coaster. I’ve discovered Tabata and have been going as fast as I can up hill with my walking poles at what I would describe as a trot – definitely not a jog but faster than a walk! This has mostly been taking place at night as I do sound like I only have 1 lung and must look very pink.

So, the UPS…… Having experiences like on the picture – an evening last week when I ‘trotted’ up Gummers Howe in the fog and wind, hoping that I’d be able to remember the right direction off the top as visibility was about 5m – it definitely felt worse than it looks!

The DOWNS….. Unfortunately my niggly achilles tendon has started to flare up, with less than 3 weeks until the trip this has not made me happy! I’m doing lots of stretches and exercises but the summit day could be harder than I’d anticipated. I did discover you can buy stick on ice patches today though so they’ll be coming with me.

And another UP – look at my lovely shoes, posing next to the Gummers Howe trig point …..



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