No one journey through Growing Well is the same. We offer a wide variety of activity, training and support bespoke to each individual. It’s a volunteer-led journey of informed choice, where individuals set the terms for their own recovery.

The fact that we’re based within a commercial enterprise makes our work very dynamic. Here are some of the things people can take part in when they’re here:

GROWING – volunteers are supported to work in groups, participating in seasonal activity on our field. We have a veg box scheme with 100 local customers, as well as number of grow-to-order wholesale contracts. There is always work to be done, and there’s nothing like working in a growing enterprise to maintain a sense of moving forward.

COOKING – groups of volunteers, working with an activity leader, prepare a meal for all attendees to Growing Well, each day. We use surplus and wonky organic veg and fruit grown on our site to create delicious, healthy meals for lunch. We use afternoon sessions to create added value products for retail and wholesale, raising funds to underpin our work.

GOAL SETTING – everyone that comes is encouraged to have a main goal for their recovery. Our therapeutic staff use a Goals Based Outcomes framework to help people manage and monitor their progress

LIFE SKILLS TRAINING – we run a tailored Life Skills training programme for groups of volunteers, supporting people to express individual needs, problem solve, make decisions under pressure and become more independent. Managing mental health and employability skills are a key focus.

HORTICULTURAL AND CATERING TRAINING – a host of new practical and vocational skills are acquired during people’s time at Growing Well. This is recognised informally and through formal qualifications, from entry level and beyond.

PEER SUPPORT – a key role of our service is the opportunity for our volunteers to work alongside and support each other. Because nobody understands it better than someone else experiencing similar feelings.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH – many of our volunteers act as ambassadors for us at events, during site visits, in the press, and in support of our fundraising campaigns. We couldn’t do it without them.