Before or after Christmas Food

Christmas is just round the corner and the thought of chocolates, rich food and drinks makes me feel I want some plain nutritious and sustaining food both now and after Christmas when I often feel it is a relief to get back to the plainer ordinary diet.

The cropshare is full of winter vegetables -those stalwarts that we have known since childhood potatoes, onions cabbage, carrots, parsnips and swedes. Garlic is a relatively new kid on the block.

An alternative to mince pies this Honey Fruit Fingers Flapjackhas options on the fillings, the banana, prune and ginger filling went down well with the volunteers last week  or over the break pack a slice for a winter walk.

Winter Vegetable Soup with Bacon and Barley is a stomach comforter but if you would like some unusual veggie burgers or fritters to try go for Bulgur Wheat, Carrot, and Courgette Fritters or Seeded Beetroot and Buckwheat Burgers and to accompany them knock up a winter coleslaw salad. – delicious.

Nell Dale

Seeded Beetroot and Buckwheat Burgers
Five In A Bar