Broad Bean Top Fritata

Well, it’s December so obviously I have joined Slimming World – just as the chocolates come out. Some would say bad timing, but we’ll see how long before I break.

Anyway, this is a great, simple recipe that you can (to be honest) throw most vegetables at.  I made it the other day with Growing Well potatoes, onions and broad bean tops.  The photo may not do it justice, but it tasted good!

Serves 4

6 eggs

A couple of medium potatoes

An onion

A pepper

Green stuff – spinach, chard, broad bean tops – the world’s your oyster.

Salt and Pepper

Slice the potato, onion and pepper.  Place in a frying pan with a pit of oil (or low cal spray and a bit of water if you’re me)

Cook for about 10 mins until the potato is soft.  Add the greens for a couple of minutes.  Beat the eggs together and pour over.  Cook for a few minutes (you might want to put it under the grill to brown the top).

Enjoy with loads of tomato ketchup (if you are my 4 year old son)




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