Honey Fruit Fingers


4oz s r flour

3oz butter

2oz sugar

3oz oats

1 tbsp Honey

Filling 1

1 oz currants

1oz raisins

1oz candied peel

1 tbsp Honey

Filling 2

1 small banana chopped

1 oz prunes chopped

1/2 oz ginger

1 tbsp honey


To make flapjack rub fat into flour until it resembles fine breadcrumbs, add sugar and oats mix well then knead the honey throughout the mixture. To make the filling for either option put ingredients into a pan and warm gently till fruit is evenly coated in honey. Press half the mixture into an 8″ square tin add the filling and spread evenly, sprinkle the remaining flapjack mix on top and press down. Bake¬† 180 C / 350F / Mark 4 for 30 mins. Cut up whilst warm but leave in the tin to cool.

What's in the bag - 7th January 2016
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