Miso Soup with Tofu and Cabbage

Tofu. Never really understood it. Looks like glazing putty. Tastes like glazing putty (or what I imagine glazing putty might taste like).  So, it was with understandable caution that I approached this dish, to be very pleasantly surprised actually, a definitely edible meal!

I’m never going to be a convert to coagulated soy milk, but if tofu does float your boat, then this is a very nice recipe*

*or just put a bit of chicken in there. Am I allowed to say that?

1.5lt vegetable stock

6 cm piece of ginger, cut into thin strips

4 cloves of garlic, peeled and finely chopped

2 fresh red chillis, de-seeded and finely chopped

1 shredded cabbage

1 pack slice shitake mushrooms

2 carrots shredded into matchsticks

4 tbsp miso paste

low salt soy sauce

200g tofu


Pour the stock into a pan and bring to the boil

Add the mushrooms, ginger, chilli and garlic and cook for 5 mins

Add the cabbage and carrots and cook for another 4 mins

Stir in the miso paste and a good splash of soy sauce

Add the tofu (if you must) and let stand for a few minutes before serving.

Coriander Yakisota
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