Mushroom, Cucumber and French Bean Salad


1/2 lb of Mushrooms

1/2 of French or Runner beans

Half a Cucumber

Olive Oil



Salt and Ground Black Pepper


Prepare the beans by top and tailing and cutting into half inch lengths if they are all runner beans make them a bit smaller, cook in lightly salted water until just cooked, strain and whilst hot season with salt and pepper, olive oil and a little lemon juice. Clean the mushrooms and cut into thin slices and put into a dish with the cucumber diced, add some chopped garlic and pepper, olive oil and lemon juice. To serve pile the cucumber and mushroom mix on top of the french beans in a shallow dish and add a little salt. Garnish with hard boiled eggs, radishes or prawns.

Bon Appetit

Adapted from Elizabeth David Summer Cooking

Nell Dale

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