Potato Rosti

It’s another triumph for the julienne peeler (see Cucunoodle for context).  Anyway, these little beauties are deliciously delicious, and I’m going to make them for tea tonight.

Arghhh, just realised I don’t have a julienne peeler, but I’m going to check the middle drawer in my kitchen – where I keep all the random items that my mum (sorry, Santa Claus) gives me each Christmas and which I feel too guilty to throw away*.  There may well be one in there, I just never knew what it was!

*Don’t you judge me, we all have a middle drawer somewhere

Anyway (and this recipe makes loads):

Julienne peel 1kg peeled potatoes and 500g courgette.

Squeeze as much moisture as possible from the potato and courgette by putting in a tea towel (this might stain your tea towel so be warned).

Add 50g flour and 100ml Aquafaba (which is the water from chickpeas – either a tin or after you’ve boiled up dried ones).  The flour and aquafaba makes the ‘glue’ to hold the potato and courgette together.

Add salt and pepper

Take a handful and squeeze again to form the rosti and to get rid of any excess water**

Fry until golden.

**This excess water makes really nice pancakes when fried by the way (add a bit of flour if the water is too thin).


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