Recipe – Tofu and Quinoa lunchtime treat


We had this for lunch on a cold day in January – lovely and warming! Note there are no quantities, just chuck in as much or as little as you feel and see what happens!


Tofu, onions, swede, parsnips, garlic, quinoa, olive (or coconut) oil, vegetable bouillon, black pepper, roasted cumin seeds, spices of your choice.


Tofu: press to remove moisture, and cut into small cubes. Marinate in a mix of the bouillon, spices, black pepper and cumin seeds.Fry in oil till golden brown, then put to one side.

Veg: chop onions and garlic, and slice the swede and parsnips. Fry in oil till just beyond al dente stage, and put to one side.

Quinoa: rinse with cold water till water is clear. Boil in a large pan with stock made from bouillon, then simmer until the liquid has absorbed. Leave to “rest” for 10 minutes.

Then, mix everything together and voila! We served ours with homemade soda bread.

Thanks to our Catering Co-ordinator Darran, and our catering volunteers for all their hard work!


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