Vegan Pancakes

Can’t make pancakes without eggs?  Think again!  We had these for lunch yesterday (it being Shrove Tuesday and all) and they went down a treat!

2 ‘Flax eggs’ (see below)

100g flour

300 soya milk


  1. Prepare the flax egg (!). 1 ‘egg’ = 1 tbsp flax meal (ground seeds) in 2tbsp hot water. Leave to stand for 15 minutes
  2. Measure the flour into a large bowl
  3. Incorporate the flax egg with a hand whisk
  4. Add the milk whilst whisking (I read Darran’s handwriting wrong, and thought he said ‘whilst whistling’ which I’m now formally adding to the recipe) to make a smooth batter
  5. Stand for 30 mins
  6. Fry in the traditional manner!


Yesterday this was served with a green speckled lentil, butternut squash, golden beetroot and purple sweet potato casserole

Vegan Pancake


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