Vegan Sausages

Vegan Sausages – just seems wrong really.  I prefer to think of these little beauties as being completely independent of any pork related product, merely happening to share roughly the same shape.  Friday afternoon. Too much time for pondering.  I’ll cut to the chase.

400g can kidney beans, drained, rinsed and pureed

1/2 cup of potato flour

2 tsp tomato paste

1 tsp dried oregano

1 tsp paprika

1 tsp soy sauce

2 tsp olive oil from frying


mix everything together (not the oil) until combined. If it’s a bit runny, add breadcrumbs

Heat the oil in a frying pan (medium heat)

Roll the mixture into a sausage shape with your hands, and fry until browned on all sides


(This recipe is from a lady called Kyra Howearth, thank you Kyra!)

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