What’s In The Bag? – Thursday 13th September 2018

Our very own Green Man  – historically a symbol of rebirth and the cycle of growth.

CROPSHARE for 13th September 2018


  • Spinach (perpetual) x 150g
  • Pepper (Green) x 1
  • Shallots (mixed) x 250g
  • Salad (mixed) x 120g
  • Cucumber (Pasandra) x 2
  • Potatoes (new salad) x 500g
  • Courgette (mixed)  x 2
  • Climbing French Bean (Eva) x 120g
  • Tomatoes (mixed) x 200g
  • Parsley (Italian Giant) x 1 bag

Please remember to Re-Pack  your vegetables into another bag of your choice,

and leave the green one for us to use next time. Thank you!

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