Wild Garlic Pesto

Sarah has been foraging in the woods at the back of Growing Well (in my head I can see her as a little Red Riding Hood). Anyway, arms full of lovely wild garlic leaves which today have been transformed into a very potent but very delicious pesto.  No vampires round here, I can tell you!

250g wild garlic, picked, washed and shaken

100g lightly toasted cashew nuts (but we used Almonds so I presume you can substitute with any nut related item)

200g of a decent quality oil, like organic sunflower

1 tbsp sugar

Blitz it all in a food processor, but not too long otherwise it’ll go all sad paste like. Keep a bit of chunkiness.

Eat….carefully 🙂

(this will freeze btw, and it’s a great addition to sauces)

What's In The Bag? - Thursday 22nd March 2018
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