Yurt Pie

For lunch today we had…

Yurt Pie:

Mixed root veg and green lentils cooked in veg stock

Onion, celery and leek cooked off separately in a little coconut oil

Mix above together, add chick peas and mashed butter beans – transfer to ovenproof dish

Top with blanched, thinly sliced potatoes. We used our mandoline. Careful…

Drizzle with olive oil, as a little salt and pepper.

Oven, 200c, until browned.

We served with:
A lemon-dressed salad of giant cous cous, red onion, rocket and pomegranate
Wilted spinach and tomatoes
Soda bread with spiced seed and almond
Wholemeal soda bread with green olives.

This was one of the most yummy things ever 🙂

Yurt Pie

Yurt Pie

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