Our vision:

We want everyone to recognise that meaningful mental and physical activity are vital components of good mental health. We want every individual to feel that they have and can fulfil a purpose in this world.

Our volunteers (beneficiaries) are actively involved and included in all areas of our charity.

Our values:

Non-judgemental : we realise that mental ill health can touch anyone. We are respectful of every individual, no matter what their circumstances are.

Meaningful : the context of our work is in nature and in enterprise. Our products and our people have purpose and value.

Community-minded : we take a holistic, participatory approach to mental health recovery, recognising that “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”. We work with each other and external networks to support our volunteers’ recovery.

Fair : we support [health] equality for all. We set people up to succeed and we support everyone’s right to choice, and release from stigma.