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Our Vision for the Future

We are on a mission to replicate the Growing Well therapeutic model and embed it, nationwide.

We’ve been around for nearly twenty years but have expanded from one to three sites in the last two years.

We’ve created a blueprint for replication, with the support of partners and funders who have seen our work first hand and recognise its positive impact on their communities.

Our current data set that proves Growing Well’s structured mental health intervention makes a significant, positive difference to the lives of people experiencing moderate to severe mental health. We continue to grow our data set and enhance our analysis to add weight to this evidence.

More than this, Growing Well’s horticultural context provides tangible benefits to wider communities: strengthening bonds, creating a voice and space for marginalised groups, promoting participation and improving local food chains with our beautiful, organic produce.

Our work improves the health of the landscape and the population.

Just as Growing Well wouldn’t work without the support of its local communities, the local communities we currently serve are reliant on the work of Growing Well. This reciprocal approach is sustainability in action.

We are totally passionate about the importance of robust, professionally governed community mental health services. In the green care space, we champion the need for a meaningful, accessible output of 100% homegrown produce to underpin sustainability and make a genuine difference.

Our aim is to make our holistic model available across the UK.

For more information and to support our ambitious plans, please contact Mary Smith, our CEO, at